September 23, 2008

A note to our viewers

Reality shows are amazing things, aren't they? Prior to joining The Firm, many of us contestants had different ideas about what our involvement in the show will entail.

However, prior to our joining, what we did know about reality shows - like you, the viewer who have been watching The Firm: Season 2 is that reality shows are rife with bitches, jerks, sore-losers and cocky asses who must think really highly of themselves. Come on, you've caught Fear Factor - there's always a pair of cocky asses who'd go, "Yeah, we're so gonna win that one million bucks - the other teams are all a bunch of pansies and we're so gonna kick their butts!" Then the next thing you know, said team gets dumped in a glass container full of worms, cries uncle and then they'd have forfeited their chance of going to the next level and you the viewer will be, "Memalukan diri je. Tadi berlagak besar."

But ladies and gentlemen, this is precisely what reality shows are all about. The drama, the excitement, the rivalry, the sabotaging - that is why The Bold and the Beautiful (although not a reality show) has been on-going for many, many, many season and everyone in the show is as bitchy and as corrupted as ever.

Let's face it, the viewer has absolutely no idea how a reality show works behind the scenes. In all honesty, there's still plenty of you who feel that The Firm follows a script, yes? Unfortunately for us, all the things we say are a hundred per cent true - but the things that go during the editing process, the cutting out of certain 'positive' information, the inter-splicing of that randomly caught facial expression to go with the dialogue, and the re-arranging of scenes - makes for something that is to us, a bit unreal that it makes us go, "When did THAT happen?" but if you're too hung-up on these things, all you have is stress so a lot of us just watch the show, and laugh about the 'funny' bits afterwards.

I think, the negative aspects of the show is what captivates the audience. It's like how newspapers work. Nobody buys a paper if the front page is about a hundred goats being donated to some mosque for Hari Raya Haji. You want the gore, the rape stories, the Anwar Ibrahim sodomy stories, the Mamak Gang stories - and even though you say you're damn sick and tired of these things, plenty others still buy the newspaper for these things.

If everyone wanted to be positively jolly, we wouldn't want to watch our grown-up entertainment featuring the mean bitch of a mother-in-law, the cheating husband, the money laundering boss, the pregnant high school girl, etc. We'd still be watching Barney.

Anyway, just to make it clear. None of us joined the show with the intention of showcasing our worst sides to the TV viewers all over the country. And certainly you must take note that there are many things which occur off-camera which may cumulatively end up in a result which may feature rivalry, animosity and the like happening. Then it's also too bad that when the worst moments like an argument takes place and a camera is around to capture it - you know that it will most certainly make it on the screen. The show does not tell the entire story and the viewers must also be reminded that everybody, at some point of time, will bitch about other people - except that for the general case, their bitchings do not make it on TV for everybody to listen in on and judge.

The people in The Firm are people just like you. Being on the show doesn't mean we think we are any better than you. Like you, we have our flaws. Some people are bossy. Some people let themselves be walked all over. Some people are lazy. Some people are too demanding. But you know what, so are you if you can identify the traits mentioned and match them with your selves. However, at the same time, we have our own strengths. Some are creative. Some have the gift of the gab. Some are fair. Some are confident.

Give us a bit of credit, eh? At least we had the guts you didn't have to get onto a reality show.

The masses speak again

While we've been accused of being every negative thing under the sun, for our portrayal of true-to-life drama queens (and kings) on national telly, the honour of being the No. 1 Negative Critic must truly belong to our viewers, who have given us what is to be the greatest bitching of our lifetimes.

And because we love being bitched about, here are more comments from you, our lovely viewers:

Episode 4:
- annop, another loser like terence.... haiz...

Episode 5:
- i dun like team ***et, they always fight...i dun like yuen wai also,...sombong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- ya, i agree. team equity, no teamwork, no leaders, all are proud, think they are good.
- chris's attitude is bad ,he is not the leader type.
- haha, they fight like hell

Episode 6:
- don't be too emotional. look forward and do the best.

Episode 7:
- hi all – i do not think ain deserves a second chance. why bring her back as it is unfair to the rest of the contestants. she should go as she is dominating, rude and ineffective. jennifer should win as she is the exact opposite of ain, plus she is pleasant too. cheers….

Episode 8:
- dian is a argumentative type. she just listen how others said and reject it. it never give a chance to others speak. she maybe think she contribute a lot but she doesnt know take care how others heart. and she just not a good leader. dont ever mess with her else you get finish. this i constantly feel from her face and speech. i dont like this women. you maybe smart, but you also annoying. i use the word "hate" to describe my feeling for you.
- i was surprised with the result for the omegaplus that boon yew was being terminated. masami was supposed to be leaving. inefficient delegation of work and bad attitude of team members. being as a leader, masami should not be letting this happens. in the end, with this attitude, how can you win your followers' heart? really terrible attitude for all the other 3 members from equity.
- boon yew should not be terminated. masami had done the terrible job. but team equity has 3 women and they are all against 1 man.. hope that team ***et men will not do the same things against jennifer
- it's shock, why boon yew ? why? he is not deserve to be terminated, in previous task he had shown generate creative idea, and innovate an audience. ain is too emotional in dealing with other.she should be out
- maybe boon yew too p***ive for the team. we the viewers dono wat hapen behind the scenes.

September 17, 2008

Chinese Man Speaks Amazing Punjabi!

Google that sentence above on YouTube and you will find resident Firmling Kian You as the Chinese man who speaks amazing Punjabi! Amazing or what? So if you're Punjabi and planning to kutuk our dear Mr Choi, then make sure you do it in another language. Dontch pray-pray ah, da man, he reli can tok!

Check it out here.

September 16, 2008

The Firm: Season 2 - Episode 6

Client: Air Asia

Task: Air Asia is the only international airline to fly to Banda Aceh, Indonesia, their latest destination. Teams have to promote this destination for the airline. The team that creates the best event to educate, change perceptions and promote the destination to the general public wins the task.

Team Asset
Team leader: Jennifer

With the numbers of members in each team unbalanced, the two corporate leaders Peter Pek and Chan Boon Yong gathers the contestants and informs them of the decision to allow Team Asset the privilege of choosing a new member from Team Equity - and they picked Jennifer, who immediately is put to task to unite the original team members by becoming team leader.
The menfolk are quite relieved in the new direction the team is headed towards and are optimistic with the team's chance of winning this time.
Team Asset decides to tie in with tour agents to bring an interactive info-booth which will allow visitors to not only gain information on a new destination worth traveling to, but allow them to also book flights and tour packages to Banda Aceh. The booth is well received by the crowd. They receive information booklets on the destination and a small quiz competition has many people participating.

Team Equity
Team leader: Boon Yew

With Jennifer gone, there seems to be a bleak atmosphere about Team Equity but they try their best not to mourn but work forward in securing another win for the team. Some good ideas are definitely there: Dian secures a troupe of students from Sekolah Indonesia Kuala Lumpur to perform a traditional Acehnese dance for the crowd; Boon Yew secures the diving school in Pulau Weh (an island near Banda Aceh) to co-set up a booth to promote diving activities at Banda Aceh; and C.A. secures a high-ranking official from the Indonesian Embassy to show up as a VIP and a backdrop from Citibank in exchange for allowing their staff to get signups for the Citibank-Air Asia credit card, thus effectively lessening the strain on the budget.

Verdict: Citing a lack of teamwork and a VIP not getting the whole VIP treatment as factors, Team Equity makes it to the boardroom. Arguments fly and three people are lined up on the chopping board: Boon Yew for lacking organisation and being oblivious to the team members' lack of morale; Masami for not being motivated to step up to the plate; and C.A. for inviting but neglecting the VIP and for allowing Citibank's setup to overshadow their own's.
Finally, C.A. is terminated because Peter Pek feels that he is constantly missing the big picture.

Next episode spoiler hint: Burn, baby, burn!

September 8, 2008

C.A. for Episode 6: Trouble-shooter or Trouble-maker

Original backdrop idea

Final BackDrop
As was shown on TV, C.A. was always missing the big picture, rigid and unable to adapt to situations and he most likely made the most blunders thus robbing Team Equity of a victory. All because he managed to meet Citibank’s requirements in return for a booth / counter, changed the backdrop and managed to invite someone from the embassy – all these within 48 hours.

Most importantly, the Citibank sales team even managed to draw traffic to our display area. I must say that given the short time, Citibank has legendary response time! Many thanks to Jason Lim, Shahrul and Wong Shiang Yee from Citibank for making time to help a total stranger.

Barely 12 hours before task day, C.A. received a fax from the Indonesian embassy saying that they will be sending someone to attend our event. Sincere thanks to Pak Djoko Harjanto, Minister Counsellor - Political Affairs from the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia for taking time off to rush to our event on a Friday afternoon. And thanks for Sunny Lim, Lisa Yap and Eunice Sin of H.T.T. Travel for loaning the POS materials on such short notice.

Since the traffic was low, C.A. approached the people in charge of the children playpen that was situated beside our display area. It must have been his rigidness or his inability to adapt to situations or because he consistently misses the big picture, but C.A. managed to convince the caretakers to bring the children to sit in for the event. With the children, came the parents and other shoppers.

In the boardroom, I felt bad as I actually had to stop Boon Yew from spilling the beans because I selfishly wanted to be booted off the show; I was very worried that if Boon Yew decides to argue some more, it will result in someone else, instead of myself, being terminated. In doing so, I inadvertently put Boon Yew in a very bad light and for this, I am sorry. The fact was, there were 3 team briefings and only Boon Yew and myself attended all 3 team briefings. That could be the reason why Boon Yew and myself were clear of our roles. Personally, I feel that The Firm isn’t about achievers, it is more about who is able to compromise his / her values in order to ascend to the top. Of course, I could be wrong since it is only my perception and may not necessarily be a fact.

After episode 1, I decided that The Firm isn’t what I expected thus I wanted out. My dilemma was I wanted out but I didn’t want Team Equity to lose (yes, I have been told again and again that I am perceived to be abnormal for harbouring such thoughts. But the fact is, who is normal?). I previously perceived that Team Equity only comprised of trouble-shooters, I no longer subscribe to such notions. But I have to emphasize that what was shown on television was barely a fraction of what actually transpired. YOU (yes, you who is now reading this article) the reader, have the free will and the intelligence to decide, who the trouble-shooters and the trouble-makers were.

I loved McGuyver during my younger days because no matter how hopeless the situation maybe, he always finds a way to get out of the situation. To me, he is the ultimate Trouble-shooter because he can solve basically anything. I believe I met the ultimate trouble-makers in The Firm.
This is C.A. signing out of The Firm.

September 5, 2008

The Firm: Season 2 corporate profile: Salasiah

Name: Salasiah Abbas
Age: 32
Star sign: Aquarius
Occupation: Administration Manager
Team: Asset

Reasons for joining The Firm: I have always wanted to be on TV but for the reasons and purpose that I could relate to. There are hundreds of shows on TV but the Firm attracts me the most. The catchy phrase like 'climbing the corporate ladder', etc. appears to me as hard to resist.

Leadership style: Diplomatic and result oriented. I give chances to everybody to show what they are made of and what they can do to contribute for the better. I deal with people from there.

Skills: Good at organizing and administration. I like to keep everything in order and I will avoid chaos every means necessary to ensure things are in order.

Strengths and weaknesses: I am very positive person and believe that every problem has a solution. That comes to my weakness - I could be too positive sometimes that my points become 'cliche'.

About myself: I am quite a private person but enjoys being with friends sometimes. I love to try new things cos I believe new experiences make u learn. Just like The Firm! You have no idea what I have learned...

September 4, 2008

Kian You for Episode 5: Putting the truth across

Ah ha, there are a lot of arguments going on but since it is not related to my team’s performance, I am not getting involved as I am not privy to it. Just allow me to tell my piece of experience with Team Asset (if you like, you can call it 'excuses'). Also be informed that after posting this here, I am ready to be bombarded with inundated comments.

First of all, I have previously said that what is shown on TV is not what that 'really' transpired - well reality show that is, and I am not blaming anyone. Secondly, I am not here to deny that I was a bad leader on that task and of course I totally agree that I screwed up as a leader and fared very badly not up to my actual standard.

Well, let's go back to the task. No one in the team had any experience about what branding is all about. Thus, it was only normal to see that we were loss, not to mention that, that's why I was seen to be unable to 'motivate' other team members.

Allow me to also enlighten the Respected Audience whom have been throwing what I term 'unfair' comments to some of us, on some matters.

Talking about the invitation, some of you might want to ask why on earth was the loser leader ie Kian You putting so much emphasis on the invitation and not the rundown of the flow? Answer: The invitation was quarter of the total marks that we needed to score based on the scoresheet and when Aziz chased us for the invitation to be in within next 12 hours after Rizal saying that was not what he expected from us, that was the urgent thing which we needed to attend to. Further, if I may be allowed to say this. Quote and unquote "Kian You just wanted to go and do the printing and left us with the flow plan". Just let me tell you - That was indeed the plan of the entire team and as I was the one who have been dealing with the printer and more importantly I was riding, it was only time and cost saving for me to have done that. Nevertheless, I take responsibility for delegating the task to Chris whom even the production felt I was relying too much on, to come out with a good flow, which of course eventually proved to be a fatal decision.

I know by now, you will be thinking that this Kian You is full of shit, and you know what? I say, just be it cos I have also been labelled to be a defensive person, and I shall agree.

Next thing, why was it Yuen Wai and I being the so called more dominant one in the show? Answer: Joo Lee (this is the correct spelling of her name) was sitting for an exam and I agreed to allow her to do so, and more importantly, the 'reliable' Chris was away two days for his personal matter in Batu Pahat without informing me in advance but only when he has safely arrived at his destination, when we were supposed to meet the client. So now, you say, did I have the support of my other team members?

My last words on this, "I would rather die in my own misdeeds than to live a life persuading myself that I did a bad job not because I was pure bad, but for something that I did not do". With that I rest my case.